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Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church

Angel Close, Windmill Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW12 1RG

  Tel: 0208 979 2078

Recent News

Annual General Meeting 2019 Update


Thanks to all of the members who attended our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The following committee members were appointed at the meeting:


President - Ann Norris

Vice President - Pamela Pollington

Treasurer - Martin Twycross

Secretary - Linda Twycross

Ordinary Member - Sheila Smoothy

Ordinary Member - Lyn Hazell

Ordinary Member - Susie Shaw

Ordinary Member - Peter McDermott

Class A Rep - Martin Twycross

Class A Rep - Barbara Walker


Membership Renewals 2019


Membership subscriptions for 2019 are due.  The annual cost for renewal is £10.  We do hope that existing members will support the church and our work and renew your membership.  If you have not joined as a member but like the church and what we do, then please do consider joing us.  Please see a comittee member to pay your membership or you can send a cheque to us if you are unable to attend regularly.


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