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Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church

Angel Close, Windmill Road, Hampton Hill, Middlesex, TW12 1RG

  Tel: 0208 979 2078

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Welcome to the website of Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church and our home on the web.   Please feel free to have a browse around.


Our church is open to all and we would love to have you visit one of our services, healing nights or special events.  Please use the "About Us" link to find out more about us and our activities.


To find out what is on each month please see the "Diary of  Events" links in the menu.  To find out what workshops and special events we have booked, please see the "Special Events" links in the menu.  Information on our Services, Circles and Healing Nights can also be found by clicking on the relevant links in the menu.  To follow us on facebook click on the link on the left.


We welcome any feedback you may have on what you like about our church, our activities and our website and what you would like to see included in the future.


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Latest on Re-Opening the Church


The Committee regularly review the situation with regard to current government and SNU requirements.  To meet the requirements, we would have to significantly limit the numbers able to attend as we only have a small church hall.  Also we need to consider the specific requirements of our church attendees, committee and mediums.  Given that we have many people in vulnerable categories, the committee feel that we are still unable to safely re-open at the current time (September 2020).  We will continue to review the situation on a regular basis and keep you updated.


Online Services


We are running fortnightly services online in Zoom and we do hope you can join us at them.  The Zoom access details are as follows:


Meeting ID: 979 441 413

Password: service


The dates of upcoming services and the mediums working are listed below.  All services start at 7.30pm:


Thurs 17th September - Wendy Lyon

Thurs 1st October - Ann Norris

Thurs 15th October - Sarah Norris

Thur 29th October - Del Hodd

Thur 12th November -  Barbara Walker

Thur 26th November - Susie Shaw


Absent Healing


Our healers continue to sit every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm to send out absent healing. Healing is sent to those on our healing list, to all those who would normally attend our healing night, and to the many around the world in need of healing at this time.


If you would like to join us in sending out absent healing, all you need to do is find somewhere quiet to sit at 7.30pm on a Wednesday. Then open to spirit and ask for healing to be sent to wherever it is needed. You can also send out healing whenever you wish and many healers sit for the healing minute at 10pm every evening to send out absent healing for 1 minute.


If you would like to add names to our healing list, you can add them to our weekly healing post on the church Facebook page and Facebook group, or send them to us by e-mail to [email protected]. Once names have been added to the list, they will remain on the list for all future healing.


Re-Opening The Church


As you may know, places of worship will be allowed to re-open from 4th July, provided that government guidance and specific requirements are followed.  In re-opening the church, we want you to know that the health, safety and welfare of everyone attending the church is our prime focus.


There is a lot to consider to safely re-open the church and protect the health and wellbeing of all our workers and attendees.  We need to review and comply with the requirements and guidance from the government and the SNU.   We also need to consider the specific requirements of our church, the committee, our mediums and our attendees.


In order to re-open safely, we will need to look at all aspects of our activities, and we will need to put in place protective measures, many of which will take time to organise.  


At present, we feel that we need to take our time to ensure that we can safely re-open the church in line with all requirements.  With this in mind, we do not expect to re-open the church in the next month or two.  In the meantime, we will continue to run our online services on Zoom and we do hope that you will continue to join us there.


We will continue to monitor the situation and will be working hard behind the scenes to re-open our special church.  We will be in touch with any further updates and news.


Join Us on Facebook


At present, we are posting regular updates to our Facebook page and group.  If you are on Facebook, do like our page and join our group to stay updated.  Here is a link to our page:





Many thanks for your continued patience, support and understanding.


Love and very best wishes


The Committee